About us

Inter-Process is a minority-owned management and information and communications technology professional services organisation operating within Africa. The company and its network of associates, is an amalgamation of like-minded individuals within the ICT and Financial Services sectors of the industry. The company aims to provide full ICT lifecycle services with an emphasis on architecting and implementing custom designed and developed application solutions and infrastructures that solve real-world business problems for clients and customers.  The enforced philosophy will be that of a trusted partner for clients and working associates, that advocates a ‘leave it with me’ principle ensuring that things get done and that the end client’s requirements are met and exceeded. 

While our business is established and continues to grow and change, the fundamental values upon which the company was founded didn’t. These values are:

  • Being involved with and caring about our customers and partners,
  • Apply appropriated professional etiquette in our engagements and interactions,
  • Achieve excellence in our work, 
  • Be committed to diversity and continued development within our workforce,
  • Treating our employees, partners, associates, stakeholders and customers with dignity and respect, 
  • Managing our business with integrity, honesty, and openness.

Our clients comprise three main sectors of the economy: Financial Services, Commercial and Government. The hallmark of our client relationships is our focus on developing solutions to meet agreed needs, and our willingness and desire to "do the work" to deliver these solutions by collaborating with our clients.  Our philosophy extends into collaborating with our regional partners and resellers of technology to expand and cross-sell service offerings, leading to increased success rate for proposals, thereby increasing revenues and profitability through the selling of full product and service solutions with our partners. We work on the principle that an engineered combination of local direct representation, that is supplemented with an appropriate mix of skills and experience, delivers the most effective solution to African ITC opportunities and unique challenges. Our involvement and continued collaboration with partners covers the full business cycle of pre-sale and post-sale support for solutions across the full spectrum of information and communications technology platforms and solutions.

Inter-Process Solutions is committed to bringing to our clients the best technology, solutions and management professionals. As a management and information and communications technology (ICT) professional services organisation in Africa, we actively focus on reaching into the communities we serve. As we build our team, Inter-Process Solutions looks at "one world – one nation" for collaborating with and growing local resources within Africa and beyond this, recruiting and hiring employees and building OEM partnerships. The involvement with specific OEM’s allows for the promotion of more sophisticated offerings and brings to the client access to highly skilled specialists to achieve the design, deployment and maintenance of resultant solutions. We have professionals from nearly a dozen different nationalities. While there is tremendous diversity amongst our people, our focus is singular on providing the best and highest value solutions for our clients. Combined with our growing list of strong industry partners, we consistently are able to bring to a client a highly experienced and appropriately qualified team.  The service delivery also considers that the physical location of resources may be a limiting factor at any one time but that services still are required to be delivered and to this end remote servicing is a modern trend that is now achievable.  Service delivery is best done onsite and through a combination of a direct partner approach as well as direct or indirect remote service and management delivery, a flexible approach to looking after operational systems can be achieved.

Our ability to deliver high value for our clients also results from our disciplined approach to meeting client needs. The cornerstones of this approach are disciplined project management, with experienced professionals controlling portions of the project appropriate for the client, and working to transfer knowledge gained to our clients.

We thrive on diversity in the broadest sense, not just a mix of racial and ethnic backgrounds, but diversity in experience, skills, points of view, knowledge of technologies and business, and working partnerships.  We are experienced in working within the African continent and have a flexible engagement model that can be tailored to fit the business and technical needs of project and operational opportunities.